I would like to welcome all of you to a new online journal that combines both civilian and military communities to share a common bond with the Sage EBR(ENHANCED BATTLE RIFLE)and other modern platform M14 variants. These modern M14/M1A platform rifles have become very popular since its debut with the US Navy Seals. The modern platformed M14/M1A enthusiasts are people that do not configure their M14/M1A rifles using the traditional wood and or synthetic/fiberglass stocks.

This M14 variant started in the year of 2000 with MK14 Mod 0 from the United States Navy Seals from which they requested to have a more compact M14 battle rifle. The US Navy Seals were first to be fitted and armed with the Sage EBR in 2004, and then the United States Coastguard followed there after. The United States Army is also armed with the Sage EBR as the TACOM M14EBR-RI as well as the United States Marine Corp which end up having there own version they call the M39 EMR (ENHANCED MARKSMEN RIFLE). The make up of the many Sage EBR models variants that has been created since 2000 are MK 14 MOD 0, MK 14 MOD 1, M14ALCS, M14ALCS/CV, U.S Marine M39 EMR, U.S. ARMY TACOM M14EBR-RI, M14 EBR-RI NM, MOD 1 CQB EBR, M21 A5 Crazy Horse EBR SASS, Chop MOD 0, MOD 0, MOD 1, and the Sage M4.

The US Naval Surface Warfare Crane Division creates the EBR and its variants and Sage International, Ltd. is contracted and supplies its stock. This M14/M1A Sage EBR battle rifle has been proven in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Also there are a few website companies that offer these EBR stocks to us civilians to purchase. In more recent days, more than a few companies have started marketing other modern day platform M14 stocks and accessories.

This journal is dedicated for all civilian Sage EBR enthusiast owners as well as other modern configured M14 rifles and a special tribute to our soldiers who are defending and protecting our freedom. Please feel free to share your thoughts, personal experiences, and any topic regarding your modern styled M14 rifle. Please provide photos of your modern style M14 rifle.

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Please check back often for new entries, as new commentaries are added everyday except Saturdays and or Sundays.

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Lester aka M1A96819

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